As you know Sandy packed a one-two punch, but not a knockdown blow. As Rotarians we have been on the forefront supplying first response supplies and responding to the needs of our nieghbors. District 7470 has set up a 501c3 fund to help those who have suffered from Sandy and for the possible crisis in the future.



The next step is to get funds for long term restoration and rebuilding effort.  

Write checks to:

       “The Rotary Foundation - Donor Advised Fund”  or “TRF - DAF”

 Memo field should say:

       “Rotary District 7470 Charitable Fund”, and give account number, #445

 Mail checks to the District Governor:

       Gov. Barry Kroll, c/o Madison Rotary Club

If you include your email, he will acknowledge receipt of your check.

Please forward this information to your friends, neighbors, co-workers and other Rotarians that you know throughout the world.

You WILL get a tax deduction (USA only) for your contribution. You will NOT get Paul Harris Foundation recognition as this money is not going to Rotary, which is only administering the account for our benefit. Our District Leadership Team (DGs, AGs, and officers) will decide how the money will be spent.

Our member volunteers have been distributing food, clothing, bedding and other necessary supplies from day one. To expedite the relief effort to the next step we are accepting gift cards that you can purchase from Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Loews that our volunteers may distribute along with other supplies. This is a direct way to help those who need to rebuild without hindering their recovery effort when their time is right.

Your help is much appreciated by all!